Our Story

Since 2012 a collaboration of counselors, life coaches, educators, and community members have been improving on mental health resources to help individuals and organizations understand the effects of trauma and the means to healing for the mind, body, and soul.  Hundreds of hours of interactive presentations, support groups, and individual sessions have proven to us that we can tailor neuroscience and research-based practices to bring healing to the community. In 2020, we launched Clear Thinking Solutions, Inc. as a community benefit organization to further this goal. 

Our founding board members are Board Chair Bud Searcy, Director of the Academy at the Fresno Rescue Mission, Board Secretary Timesa Johnson, Christian life coach & retired peace officer, and Board Treasurer Steven Sanchez, LMFT.  Barbara Fiske, life coach, and Karen D. Wood, LCSW, are volunteering as executive director and program director as we launch Clear Thinking Solutions.  

These and other counselors, coaches and community members certified and in-training in the Clear Thinking Method make up the diverse team of creators and facilitators.  

We thank the founding Clear Thinking Method Master Coaches; Karen D. Wood, LCSW, Lois Griffith, LMFT, and Robyn Beer, Life Coach, for their careful guidance, coaching, and mentoring of so many. They, in turn, will easily point to others who have taught them.  We will continue this culture of learning and collaboration to bring healing to the community.

In-person and online training providing tools to understand our responses to stress and create resilience and healing. [Kim Contreras, life coach, facilitating a Trauma YOUniversity 201].

Accessible Art Thinking exercises create an added safe space to process. [Exercise led by Julie Overton, life coach specializing in Art Thinking].